Afyanet is a voluntary, non-profit network of National Health Institutes and Research Centers seeking to leverage crowdsourced health data for disease surveillance and forecasting. Participation in AfyaNet for countries is free.

We aim to use technology and digital solutions to radically enhance how traditional disease surveillance systems function and the ways we can model epidemics.

Our vision is to create a common framework to collect standardized real-time data from the general population, allowing countries to leapfrog existing hurdles in disease surveillance and information sharing.

What's different?

Traditional sentinel systems require that sick people go to specific clinics or hospitals for data to be collected and analyzed to determine outbreak trends. However, the act of going to a clinic or hospitals can often be an arduous, expensive, and time consuming process. People often wait until they are really sick to bring themselves in, during which time they can continue to infect others. This reporting delay can be fatal to prevention efforts that aim to stop the spread before a disease can cause significant damage.